Mark Dearborn, President of the Arpin Charitable Fund and VP, Corporate Accounts for Arpin Group, joined about 40 of his industry peers in Guadalajara, Mexico, to take part in a community service project. He helped build five houses for the homeless in the two days before the LACMA Conference in Puerto Vallarta. The Techo program is a social responsibility initiative that runs throughout Latin America. It focuses on building houses for hand-picked communities with the goal of making them sustainable.

Mark described his feelings about returning home after the experience: “I came home after LACMA with a completely different perspective and have tried to pass that message along to friends, family, and co-workers. We take things for granted, especially in the United States. Techo has reminded me of that and my message to everyone is that life is good for us, love life every day, and do not worry about the small things. It can always be worse.” For more info about the program, visit

Following the Techno-build experience, Mark headed to the LACMA Conference where he proudly accepted the Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2017 from LACMA’s president, Walter Laffitte, on behalf of Arpin International Group for its commitment to the environment and the global community it serves.

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